A utility to convert a Quiver note to a markdown post for Jekyll
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A utility to convert a Quiver note to a markdown post for Jekyll.

Jekyll is a great platform for creating blogs. However it can be a bit tedious working in markdown directly from a text editor, particularly for technical posts with lots of code.

Quiver is a great notebook app built for programmers. Code and text can be freely mixed.

quiver2jekyll enables blog writers to use Quiver to write their blog posts and export the final result into markdown for use in Jekyll.


  • Front matter generation: title and tags are extracted from the Quiver note
  • Code Highlighting: Exported code cells apply code highlighting to your post


Homebrew (preferred)

brew tap bradley-curran/tap
brew install quiver2jekyll



  • Select the note you want to export in Quiver
  • In the toolbar, select File > Export Note...
  • Save the note to your Desktop, e.g: latestblogpost.qvnote
  • Open Terminal
  • cd ~/Desktop
  • quiver2jekyll latestblogpost.qvnote/
  • Copy the generated file into your _posts folder

Feature Requests and Issues

Feel free to add an issue or feature request. Pull requests are welcome as well!