Django transaction support for Celery tasks.
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django-celery-transactions holds on to Celery tasks until the current database transaction is committed, avoiding potential race conditions as described in Celery's user guide. Send tasks from signal handlers without fear!


  • If the transaction is rolled back, the tasks are discarded. Django's transaction middleware does this if an exception is raised.
  • If transactions aren't being managed, tasks are sent as normal. This means that sending tasks from within Django's shell will work as expected, as will the various transaction decorators commit_manually, commit_on_success, etc.

Installation & Use

  1. Install django-celery-transactions from PyPI:

    $ pip install django-celery-transactions
  2. Use the patched decorator to create your tasks:

    from djcelery_transactions import task
    from models import Model
    def print_model(model_pk):
        print Model.objects.get(pk=model_pk)
  3. Then use them as normal:

    from django.db import transaction
    from models import Model
    from tasks import print_model
    # This task will be sent after the transaction is committed. This works
    # from anywhere in the managed transaction block (e.g. signal handlers).
    def view(request):
        model = Model.objects.create(...)
    # This task will not be sent (it is discarded) as the transaction
    # middleware rolls the transaction back when it catches the exception.
    def failing_view(request, model_pk):
        raise Exception()
    # This task will be sent immediately as transactions aren't being
    # managed and it is assumed that the author knows what they're doing.
    def manual_view(request, model_pk):

Run test suite

    $ python test