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Fixed #18154 -- Documentation on closing File objects and best practices

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@@ -75,6 +75,29 @@ using a Python built-in ``file`` object::
Now you can use any of the documented attributes and methods
of the :class:`~django.core.files.File` class.
+Be aware that files created in this way are not automatically closed.
+The following approach may be used to close files automatically::
+ >>> from django.core.files import File
+ # Create a Python file object using open() and the with statement
+ >>> with open('/tmp/', 'w') as f:
+ >>> myfile = File(f)
+ >>> for line in myfile:
+ >>> print line
+ >>> myfile.closed
+ True
+ >>> f.closed
+ True
+Closing files is especially important when accessing file fields in a loop
+over a large number of objects:: If files are not manually closed after
+accessing them, the risk of running out of file descriptors may arise. This
+may lead to the following error:
+ IOError: [Errno 24] Too many open files
File storage

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