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A Node.js implementation of a linked data service meant to allow to be removed as a node from the Linked Data Cloud.
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t4gm-unpublished: removing previously published linked data from the Web

What was/is

Published in 2009, was originally a Linked Data rendering in RDFa of the U.S. Library of Congress' Thesaurus for Graphic Materials. It is now an example of a linked data set that has been permanently removed from the Web, having been made obsolete by the version now provided as part of the Library of Congress' linked data services. was unpublished in 2012.

What does it do now?

This page provides VoID metadata describing the dataset and its relationship to the equivalent information at, expressed in RDFa. This site also provides a mapping of resources from to as a VoID linkset. Both the dataset metadata and linkset can be retrieved through content negotiation as either RDF/XML, Turtle, or N-Triples documents. GET requests for concept resources are redirected with status code 301 (Moved Permanently) to the equivalent resource at GET requests for any other resources that were part of the original site are rejected with status code 410 (Gone).

Additional information about the linked data at can be found at the entry for the dataset on the CKAN Data Hub.

Who is responsible? is an experimental project of Bradley P. Allen.



$ git clone
$ cd t4gm-unpublished
$ npm install .
$ npm start

Future work

Our intention is to generalize this implementation into a Node module that can support unpublishing of linked data resources in general.


The code is provided under the terms of an MIT License. The data in /public/data is provided under terms of an Open Database License.

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