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NativeScript plugin to expose Airbnb Lottie for awesome animations.

npm npm

Uses Airbnb Lottie for Android and iOS Lottie for iOS.

Demo Screen

The .gif does not do the fluid animations justice



To install execute:

NativeScript 4x

tns plugin add nativescript-lottie

NativeScript 3x-

tns plugin add nativescript-lottie@1.4.0


Plain {N}


    xmlns:Lottie="nativescript-lottie" navigatingTo="navigatingTo" class="page">
        <Lottie:LottieView src="PinJump.json" height="130" loop="true" autoPlay="true" loaded="yourLoadedEvent" />


import { LottieView } from "nativescript-lottie";

public yourLoadedEvent(args) {
    this._myLottie: LottieView = args.object; /// this is the instance of the LottieAnimationView

{N} with Angular


    <LottieView width="100" height="150" [src]="src" [loop]="loop" [autoPlay]="autoPlay" (loaded)="lottieViewLoaded($event)">     </LottieView>


import { Component } from '@angular/core';
import { registerElement } from 'nativescript-angular';
import { LottieView } from 'nativescript-lottie';

registerElement('LottieView', () => LottieView);

  templateUrl: 'home.component.html',
  moduleId: module.id
export class HomeComponent {
  public loop: boolean = true;
  public src: string;
  public autoPlay: boolean = true;
  public animations: Array<string>;

  private _lottieView: LottieView;

  constructor() {
    this.animations = ['Mobilo/A.json', 'Mobilo/D.json', 'Mobilo/N.json', 'Mobilo/S.json'];
    this.src = this.animations[0];

  lottieViewLoaded(event) {
    this._lottieView = <LottieView>event.object;


🔥 You can find animations in the sample-effects folder.


Place your animation files in the NS app's app_resources/android/src/main/assets folder.


Place your animations files in your app/App_Resources/iOS/ folder.

Properties (bindable)

Property Type Default Description
autoPlay boolean false Start LottieView animation on load if true.
loop boolean false Loop continuously animation if true.
src string null Animation path to .json file.
theme { keyPath: string[], value: string }[] null keyPath is the path to layer in your json file (i.e in After Effect) and value is the layer color


Property Type Default Description
progress number 0 Get/set the progress of the animation.
speed number 1 Get/set the animation's speed


Method Return Parameters Description
playAnimation void None Plays the animation for the LottieView instance.
cancelAnimation void None Pauses the animation for the LottieView instance.
isAnimating boolean None Returns true if the LottieView is animating, else false.


Brad Martin Nathan Walker Jean-Baptiste Aniel HamdiWanis
bradmartin NathanWalker rhanb HamdiWanis