Ruby Gem - An object oriented front end for the QRZ.COM Amateur Radio callsign database.
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This gem provides an easy object oriented front end to access Amateur Radio callsign data from the QRZ.COM online database.

It uses the QRZ XML Database Service, which requires a subscription from QRZ.COM.

The QRZ XML Database Service specification states “The data supplied by the XML port may be extended in a forwardly compatible manner. New XML elements and database objects (with their associated elements) may be transmitted at any time. It is the developers responsibility to have their program ignore any unrecognized objects and/or elements without raising an error, so long as the information received consists of properly formatted XML.”

Therefore, this gem will not attempt to list or manage individual elements of a callsign. You will need to inspect the hash to see which elements are available for any given callsign, as demonstrated in the synopsis.

This gem does not handle any management of reusing session keys at this time, although you can specify a key you have used previously when initializing, or at any time via the key accessor.


require "rubygems"
require "pp"
require "qrz-callbook"

qrz ={ 'callsign' => 'n8qq', 'username' => 'qrz_username', 'password' => 'qrz_password' })

# get and inspect the basic listing

qrz.get_listing pp qrz.listing

# get and inspect biography information

qrz.get_bio pp

qrz.get_bio_file puts “Biography: #{qrz.bio_file}”

# get and inspect dxcc information

qrz.get_dxcc pp qrz.dxcc

# show the session information from the last call to the api

pp qrz.session

# set a new callsign and show some misc individual information

qrz.callsign = 'w8irc' qrz.get_listing qrz.get_dxcc

puts “Name: #{qrz.listing} #{qrz.listing}” puts “DXCC Continent: #{qrz.dxcc}”


  • xml-simple

  • A QRZ.COM subscription that includes access to the QRZ XML Database Service

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Copyright © 2010 Brad McConahay. See LICENSE.txt for further details.