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Add-on for the Weewx weather station system to allow transmitting APRS weather packets via TNC.
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This is a quick add-on for the Weewx system to allow it to send APRS weather
packets to a radio TNC connected to the same server as the weather station.

This is the first time I've coded in Python, and I don't have much experience
with programming serial ports, so I'm sure this could be much better. Also,
the commands and behaviors of different TNCs can have enough variance that I
don't know how useful this will be for others.

This was created using Weewx version 1.13.1. The author has indicated that
there will be a more modular facility for adding RESTful protocols in a future
release, so this code will probably be obsolete before long.

Please send any improvements to Brad McConahay at

Weewx is an excellent weather station system written in Python by Tom Keffer.
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