Quick cropping for a large collection of images. Built with pygame.
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pyCropper is a simple program that allows quick cropping for a large collection of images. Built with pygame, it supports any file format that can be read/saved by pygame, and it has been tested with .jpg, .pgm, .gif, .png, .bmp, and .tif.



Place the pycropper.py file in a directory with the images to be cropped, then run the following command:

python pycropper.py

All images in that directory will be loaded into a list and displayed sequentially. To crop an image, left-click to choose the top-left of the rectangle over the portion of the image to which you want to crop.

Left-click again to set bottom-right of the rectangle, and the image will immediately be cropped and saved. After the first left-click, you can right-click to cancel the rectangle and start over.

Keyboard Input

  • Left-click: (1) select top-left of cropping area, (2) select bottom-right, crop, and save image.
  • Right-click: cancel crop area selection.
  • Left-arrow/Up-arrow: Show previous image.
  • Right-arrow/Down-arrow: Show next image.
  • ESC: exit pycropper


This code is available under the MIT license.


This was originally written back in 2008, when I was playing around with image analysis tools (e.g. opencv). I needed to quickly crop hundreds of images after visually inspecting them, and tools like photoshop make this really time consuming. Anyway, this is the result. You can also read the original blog post.