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Keeping it simple


0. (Optional) Run the install script

$ ./install

This has the effect of running the commands outlined in the next three steps.

1. Nix

$ sh <(curl --daemon
$ source ~/.dotfiles/nixpkgs/programs/bash/

2. Home Manager

$ nix-shell -p coreutils --run 'ln -sfT ~/.dotfiles/nixpkgs ~/.config/nixpkgs'
$ nix-shell '<home-manager>' -A install

3. Bash

Set the Nix-installed Bash as the one for your user.

$ sudo bash -c "echo $(which bash) >> /etc/shells"
$ chsh -s $(which bash) $(whoami)

You'll need to log out then in again for this to take effect.

Base16 Shell

Set the color scheme.

$ base16_tomorrow
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