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Fork of : Java web application enhancements library. Compile JSPs on startup. Escape JSP EL values to prevent cross-site scripting. (XSS ESAPI)

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More info about this library at this blog post here:

Note this is an EL Resolver, not an ESAPI library (ESAPI put here for searchability)

Java Web Application Enhancements Library

Add library to your project

Add this Maven dependency:


Compile JSPs on startup

In the web.xml file, add a listener:


Escape JSP EL values to prevent cross-site scripting

In the web.xml file, add a listener:


Disable escaping

Use a custom tag to surround JSP code in which EL values should not be escaped:

<%@ taglib prefix="enhance" uri="" %>

<enhance:out escapeXml="false">
  I hope this expression returns safe HTML: ${}

Read model data in Jersey MVC JSP templates without "it."

Jersey's MVC framework exposes the model object to the JSP template as a request attribute named "it". To read the model data, a JSP template must evaluate an EL expression reading a property of this object, for example, ${it.propertyName}. This custom EL resolver exposes model properties as implicit objects, allowing a JSP template to read a model property with an EL expression like ${propertyName}.

In the web.xml file, add a listener:

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