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Question: Multiple Environments/Suites? #24

andyl opened this Issue · 8 comments

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From the Readme, it looks like you can establish only one jasmine rice environment:

- CoffeeScript: spec/javascripts/
- StyleSheet: spec/javascripts/spec.css
- Goto: http://localhost:3000/jasmine

I'd like to organize my tests into separate suites. Is there a way to establish multiple environments with jasminerice? Something like this in routes.rb:

mount Jasminerice::Engine => "/suite1", :spec => "spec/javascripts/"
mount Jasminerice::Engine => "/suite2", :spec => "spec/javascripts/"

Tx, Andy


Looks like the answer is 'no' - you can only establish one jasminerice environment, which loads all the test libraries from spec/javascripts/

FYI - I'd like to establish multiple environments for two reasons:

  • Some of my pages are for mobile devices, and use zepto instead of jquery. You can't load jasmine-jquery and jasmine-zetpo both in the same test environment
  • I'd like to create a stripped-down test suite that my end-users can run in production. It would run operations on a mobile device to test compatibility, checks to see that firewall ports are open, etc.

This would definitely be useful! +1


I am using Rails 3.1.3 for mobile application with Backbone and using Jamsine for BDD. However is using Zepto. Will there be support for Zepto in the pipeline? +1 for it


Actually it would be pretty easy to load multiple environments.


In the controller app/controllers/jasminerice/spec_controller.rb we could add

def get
    @specenv = params[:environment]
    render :index

and change app/views/jasminerice/spec/index.html.haml to something like

    %title Jasmine Spec Runner
    = stylesheet_link_tag "jasmine"
    = stylesheet_link_tag "spec"
    = javascript_include_tag "jasminerice"
    - if @environment
        = javascript_include_tag @environment 
    - else
        = javascript_include_tag "spec"
    = csrf_meta_tags

Please some feedback on the idea before I try to implement this or somebody is free to implement and provide feedback and a pull request.


Can we rename the question so that "environment" isn't used here since it confuses the hell out of it. It should be "suite" I believe.


+1 for renaming 'environment' to 'suite'. My first reaction upon re-reading my own question was to think about development/test/production environments - and that is an incorrect way to think about this issue. Suites is a better term.


@bradphelan thanks for your suggestions. I followed your advice and everything works. Here is my solution:

In routes.rb:

    if %w(development test).include? Rails.env
      mount Jasminerice::Engine => "/jasmine/:suite"

In app/controllers/jasminerice/spec_controller.rb:

    def index
      @specenv = params[:suite].try(:concat, "_spec") || "spec"

In app/views/jasminerice/spec/index.html.haml:

        %title Jasmine Spec Runner
        = stylesheet_link_tag "jasmine"
        = stylesheet_link_tag "spec"
        = javascript_include_tag "jasminerice"
        = javascript_include_tag @specenv
        = csrf_meta_tags

Once this was done, I created three test suites: spec.js, browser_spec.js and mobile_spec.js. Note that when using multiple suites, you can no longer use the pipeline directive #=require_tree ./. Instead, you have to call out the test directories one by one. For example:

In mobile_spec.js:

#=require_tree ./mobile_specs
#=require_tree ./more_mobile_specs

In browser_spec.js:

#=require_tree ./browser_specs
#=require_tree ./more_browser_specs

Then I ran each suite:


Everything worked perfectly. I'll send you a pull request with my changes.

@andyl andyl referenced this issue from a commit in andyl/jasminerice
@andyl andyl Update app/views/jasminerice/spec/index.html.haml
Changed "spec" to @specenv in order to support multiple test suites.  See Issue #24 for more info.
@andyl andyl referenced this issue from a commit in andyl/jasminerice
@andyl andyl Update app/controllers/jasminerice/spec_controller.rb
Added @specenv variable to support multiple environments.  See Issue #24 for more info.

Very excited about this update! We just may start unit testing the javascript in our Rails app! ;) Is this now in the current release, or how soon will this feature be released? (Looks like the issue is still open, so I'm not sure what that means)


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