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prashantrajan opened this Issue Jan 11, 2013 · 12 comments


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Perhaps it's time for a new release? 0.0.10 was released on October 15, 2012.

There's stuff in the README that is not present in the existing gem version, e.g. loading json fixtures.

jrreed commented Jan 15, 2013


I personally just need the support for jasmine 1.3.1, which includes a fix that suppresses pretty-printing of inherited attributes on objects. When it tries to output a backbone(-relational) object it doesn't hang and fail trying to print the entire object graph.



Would like to see jasmine 1.3.1 get pulled in to the released gem!


jejacks0n commented Jan 28, 2013

I'm helping Brad on the project for a bit, and this is one of the things I hope to address.

Thanks for picking this up jejacks0n. I see you bumped the version in master just a few hours ago. Can't wait for jasmine not to crash on the backbone objects!


jejacks0n commented Feb 1, 2013

An update:

I've contacted Brad about releasing the gem and adding the project to Travis CI, but haven't heard back in a few days. I know he's no longer able to maintain the project, so I'm working at either having a consistent way to release the gem, or having him shift ownership elsewhere.

I've written my own Javascript runner for Rails called Teabag which is as simple as Jasminerice to setup, but is more feature rich (command line interface, running headlessly, custom reporters, etc.)

While I'll continue contributing to Jasminerice because I like the project and think it's good, I would also encourage checking out Teabag as a potential alternative. I've provided some information that might help.


conzett commented Feb 26, 2013

Any update on this? Teabag looks cool and I'll be sure to check it out for future projects, but I have a few projects with tests built on Jasmine with jasminerice at the moment and it would be great to have a new gem release cut. If that's not doable would it be possible to at least tag some more recent stable releases on GitHub to use with Bundler?

lenntt commented Mar 1, 2013

would like an update to.
for now, I've released the gem on my own (private) gemserver. FYI here's how:
checkout the project and gem build jasminerice.gemspec

bruno- commented Mar 11, 2013

Hey guys, just another +1 for releasing new gem version. I've spent an hour today trying to get multiple-suites working after figuring out I have old gem version.

@jejacks0n Any reason why someone wouldn't switch to Teabag from jasminerice? I'm also in need of an updated release but I saw your comment above. Is there anything that Teabag is missing/doesn't do that jasminerice did/does?


jejacks0n commented Mar 15, 2013

Not that I'm aware of, but simplicity is meaningful if it suits your needs, and that's where I think Jasminerice is useful and why I contribute to it. Teabag is as simple from an initial setup perspective, but it's not as simple as Jasminerice -- inherently you trade some complexity for a larger feature set with something like a testing framework.

Personally I would encourage anyone to migrate, but those choices should be influenced by your specific case. If you're starting a new project, absolutely. If you're migrating an existing well matured project, meh, look at the big picture of what time you'd spend and what you'd gain/use. =)

nathany commented Mar 19, 2013

@jejacks0n I hope @bradphelan gets you the necessary RubyGems permissions to push a new release.

We may look into migrating to Teabag. Thanks for writing up a migration guide.

Just wondering if a version bump for this gem might still be possible. I'm using Teaspoon in another project and it's great, and I can point at commits in this repo in my Gemfile to use the latest for projects still using jasminerice, but that isn't quite ideal.

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