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Remove custom switching code

Since git-commit-modes now always uses an emacsclient instance it'll
magically switch away to whichever app I used last when committing. This
isn't ideal.
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bradwright committed Aug 17, 2013
1 parent b3fc99e commit 8c3d4aa4476e9e0e4414220298081120f2b7fe62
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@@ -124,20 +124,6 @@ by using nxml's indentation rules."
(make-frame-invisible nil t))
-(defun bw-switch-to-last-mac-app ()
- "Switches to the last used app"
- (interactive)
- (when (and *is-a-mac* window-system)
- (do-applescript "tell application \"System Events\"
- tell process \"finder\"
- activate
- keystroke tab using {command down}
- end tell
-end tell")))
-(defadvice git-commit-end-session (after server-buffer-done-restore-previous-window activate)
- (bw-switch-to-last-mac-app))
(defun bw-kill-emacs ()
"If this buffer is a client, just kill it, otherwise confirm
the quit."

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