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MNML - An ultra-minimal Python web framework

After growing out of the extensive feature set and perceived bloat of Django, and inspired by the new wave of super-tiny Python WSGI/Web frameworks such as Juno, Web.py, and Newf, I thought it a good exercise to write my own. MNML only includes features I feel are useful (if you disagree with the batteries I include you're free to use another framework).

Core Philosophy

MNML's core philosophy is that I really love writing Python and want to do that for most things, but I also want a certain level of "plumbing" taken care of for me. In addition, MNML:

  • Is strictly WSGI;
  • Provides URL mapping to HTTP response relationship, aka routing;
  • Provides methods for all HTTP method verbs (PUT and DELETE are supported);
  • Provides named route matching for URLs with the ability to reverse said URLs (like Django's reverse function);
  • Provides the ability to add middleware functions so one can alter the request or response as required;
  • Does not dictate the template or ORM layer you should use--MNML is strictly about URL routing and serving, and tools needed to do so; and mostly
  • Lets the implementer write Python, not a sub-set of Python.

Finally, MNML will be covered by extensive unit tests!


Must haves

  • Unit tests;
  • URL reversing;
  • Shortcuts for redirects, gone, 404 etc;
  • Support for middleware (required for sessions at the least);
  • Support web.py style method routing: class MyRoute(object): def GET(self, request): pass def POST(self, request): pass;
  • More unit tests;
  • Production WSGI interface for Apache etc.


  • SCGI support so Google App Engine can run it;
  • De-couple routes from system so people can roll their own (using /resource/:arg/, for example);
  • Response middleware to doctor the response.

Recommended Extensions