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TindAR is an attempt at a prototyped augmented reality version of the most popular mobile dating app - “Tinder”.

With this app, users are able to look around with their cellphone camera and tap on a flat surface to load in a model of someone nearby who is also registered on the TindAR service. The 3D models which represent the users are loaded in from the internet as opposed to being loaded in locally, therefore our app’s .apk file size is small, however the app itself requires internet access to function. Once you see a model on your screen you would like to get to know, you simply click on them to bring up their profile. The profile will display the users name, age and a quick snippet about themselves. There will also be two buttons – one for “pass” which means you aren’t interested and one for “like” which means you would like to get to know them more. If you are lucky enough, the other person will press “like” on you which will create a match between you two. TindAR also incorporates a messaging system for users to communicate with each other once they have matched. In this prototype, the messages are just one way, and they do not get saved. Users are also able to see all their current matches by clicking on the matches button in the top right corner. In the final version of the app, you’d be able to click on a match to open your chat history with them.

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