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A friendly REST service wrapper for OFX bank servers.
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A friendly REST service wrapper for OFX bank servers.

Quick Start

  1. Download latest release zip file from
  2. Unzip and run OpenBank.exe from command line. If using mono, run mono OpenBank.exe
  3. OpenBank should fire up and now be listening on port 1234, by default.
  4. In a browser, navigate to http://localhost:1234/ to ensure OpenBank is running and to get more info.

Get Transactions Example

To get a list of transactions for a bank account, you'll want to use the statement (POST) resource. The required parameters for this resource are:

Parameter Name Notes
ofx_url (obtain from OFX Home)
fid (obtain from OFX Home)
org (obtain from OFX Home)
user_id Your login username
password Your login password
bank_id Routing number (leave blank for CREDITCARD accounts)
account_id Your account number
date_start YYYYMMDD format
date_end YYYYMMDD format

For example - If you have a checking account at Chase, you would use the directory at OFX Home to get Chase's OFX information (direct link) including the ofx_url, fid, and org. The rest of the paramters should be known by you already. Using wget, you could download transactions for your Chase account, for date range 9/1/2013 to 9/15/2013, and save as JSON file with the following command:

wget --header="Accept: application/json" --post-data="ofx_url=
  &date_end=20130915" http://localhost:1234/statement -O statement.json
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