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Example of progression conversion from TypeScript namespaces to modules
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This repository demonstrates how to progressively convert a TypeScript library that uses global namespaces over to using modules.

The src/entry.m.ts file is the main entry point in the webpack config. This file calls namespaced code and also imports a module shim that runs namcespaced code. Progressively, namespaced code can be shimmied and then the namespaced code eventually folded directly into the modules.

The npm script "bundle" builds the namespace project which emits the outFile dist/script.js. This file is referenced in the index.html file before the webpack bundle is loaded.


  1. Run npm install
  2. Run npm run start
  3. Open http://localhost:5000 in a browser
  4. Open devtools console and you should see:
bite bite bite bite
bark bark bark bark
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