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The repo will hold the pieces for an OpenEMR demo farm.
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pieces Add demo data and change to new UI on install
wordpress_demo Updated WordPress and various plug-ins to latest versions. improved portal demo stuff to work on any demo
interfaces added example /etc/network/interfaces file from appliance
openemr.conf added security stuff for apache
rc.local added the example rc.local file from the appliance

The repo holds the mechanism for an OpenEMR demo farm.

How do I set one of the "UP FOR GRABS" OpenEMR demos?

  1. Fork the repo and make it your own
  2. Place your OpenEMR git repo information in the openemr_repo and branch items in your ip_map_branch.txt for one of the UP FOR GRABS demo entries (
  3. Place a github pull request on your commit for number 2 above.
  4. After I bring in your github pull request, then place your repo and branch information in the pertinent UP FOR GRABS demo entries here:
  5. When the demo resets (which is daily), it will now be using your selected repo branch!!

Set up a ubuntu pre-trigger appliance

  1. Install a ubuntu appliance on vmware
  2. Install and remove the ubuntu development package at:
  3. Config php and apache
  4. Set up /etc/rc.local file from: repo
  5. At some point will hopefully offer a download link with this appliance.

Trigger the ubuntu appliance

  1. Change triggerOpenemrDevelopmentDemo in /etc/rc.local to true
  2. Set a static ip address in appliance (ubuntu 12.04, see example the example /etc/network/interfaces file, which is interfaces file in this repo)
  3. Shutdown appliance and set a snapshot in vmware and have it revert to snapshot on shutdown.
  4. Place ip address along with git branch and options in in the ip_map_branch.txt file in the repo:
  5. Start the appliance

Description of ip_map_branch.txt configuration file

This file is a tab delimited file for configuration of demos in the demo farm with following settings:

  • ip_address: local ip address of the OpenEMR demo
  • openemr_repo: set it to the openemr repo you want to grab code from
  • branch: git branch of the OpenEMR github repository
  • serve_development_translations: set to 1 to have demo serve the daily build of translation set for download, set to 0 to turn this off
  • use_development_translations: set to 1 to have demo use the daily build of translation set(this option only works with code based on master/4.1.3), set to 0 to turn this off
  • serve_packages: set to 1 to have demo serve zip/tgz packages of the build for download, set to 0 to turn this off
  • legacy_patching: set to 1 if you are using a legacy patched branch, such as rel-411,rel-410 etc. Note that rel-412 and above should be set to 0.
  • demo_data: set to 0 if no sql demo data file. If have a sql demo data file, then place the name of it here and place the file in the 'pieces' directory.
  • demo_ssh: set to the ssh package if using the offsite portal. Set to 0 if not connecting to offsite portal.
  • patient_portals: set to 0 to not use. set to 1 to set up the onsite and wordpress patient portal demo.
  • external_link: place the external web address to the demo here
  • description: place description of the demo here

How to grow your own OpenEMR demo farm

  1. Fork the repo and make it your own
  2. Configure ip_map_branch.txt
  3. Set up the pre-trigger appliance, as above (or download it when available)
  4. Trigger the appliance, as above. In the /etc/rc.local, place link to your custom demo_farm_openemr repo.
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