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TypeScript support for ESLint. (This is still in the very early stages, so please be patient.)

The below readme is for the upcoming 1.0.0 release. Please see this tag for the current NPM version (0.14.0)


You'll first need to install ESLint:

$ npm i eslint --save-dev

Next, install typescript if you haven’t already:

$ npm i typescript@~3.1.1 --save-dev

Last, install eslint-plugin-typescript:

$ npm install eslint-plugin-typescript --save-dev

Note: If you installed ESLint globally (using the -g flag) then you must also install eslint-plugin-typescript globally.


Add eslint-plugin-typescript/parser to the parser field and typescript to the plugins section of your .eslintrc configuration file:

    "parser": "eslint-plugin-typescript/parser",
    "plugins": ["typescript"]

Note: The plugin provides its own version of the typescript-eslint-parser via eslint-plugin-typescript/parser. This helps us guarantee 100% compatibility between the plugin and the parser.

Then configure the rules you want to use under the rules section.

    "parser": "eslint-plugin-typescript/parser",
    "plugins": ["typescript"],
    "rules": {
        "typescript/rule-name": "error"

You can also enable all the recommended rules at once. Add plugin:typescript/recommended in extends:

    "extends": ["plugin:typescript/recommended"]

Supported Rules

Key: ✔️ = recommended, 🔧 = fixable

Name Description ✔️ 🔧
typescript/adjacent-overload-signatures Require that member overloads be consecutive (adjacent-overload-signatures from TSLint) ✔️
typescript/array-type Requires using either T[] or Array<T> for arrays (array-type from TSLint) ✔️ 🔧
typescript/ban-types Enforces that types will not to be used (ban-types from TSLint) ✔️ 🔧
typescript/camelcase Enforce camelCase naming convention ✔️
typescript/class-name-casing Require PascalCased class and interface names (class-name from TSLint) ✔️
typescript/explicit-function-return-type Require explicit return types on functions and class methods ✔️
typescript/explicit-member-accessibility Require explicit accessibility modifiers on class properties and methods (member-access from TSLint) ✔️
typescript/generic-type-naming Enforces naming of generic type variables
typescript/indent Enforce consistent indentation (indent from TSLint) ✔️ 🔧
typescript/interface-name-prefix Require that interface names be prefixed with I (interface-name from TSLint) ✔️
typescript/member-delimiter-style Require a specific member delimiter style for interfaces and type literals ✔️ 🔧
typescript/member-naming Enforces naming conventions for class members by visibility.
typescript/member-ordering Require a consistent member declaration order (member-ordering from TSLint)
typescript/no-angle-bracket-type-assertion Enforces the use of as Type assertions instead of <Type> assertions (no-angle-bracket-type-assertion from TSLint) ✔️
typescript/no-array-constructor Disallow generic Array constructors ✔️ 🔧
typescript/no-empty-interface Disallow the declaration of empty interfaces (no-empty-interface from TSLint) ✔️
typescript/no-explicit-any Disallow usage of the any type (no-any from TSLint) ✔️
typescript/no-extraneous-class Forbids the use of classes as namespaces (no-unnecessary-class from TSLint)
typescript/no-inferrable-types Disallows explicit type declarations for variables or parameters initialized to a number, string, or boolean. (no-inferrable-types from TSLint) ✔️ 🔧
typescript/no-misused-new Enforce valid definition of new and constructor. (no-misused-new from TSLint) ✔️
typescript/no-namespace Disallow the use of custom TypeScript modules and namespaces (no-namespace from TSLint) ✔️
typescript/no-non-null-assertion Disallows non-null assertions using the ! postfix operator (no-non-null-assertion from TSLint) ✔️
typescript/no-object-literal-type-assertion Forbids an object literal to appear in a type assertion expression (no-object-literal-type-assertion from TSLint) ✔️
typescript/no-parameter-properties Disallow the use of parameter properties in class constructors. (no-parameter-properties from TSLint) ✔️
typescript/no-this-alias Disallow aliasing this (no-this-assignment from TSLint)
typescript/no-triple-slash-reference Disallow /// <reference path="" /> comments (no-reference from TSLint) ✔️
typescript/no-type-alias Disallow the use of type aliases (interface-over-type-literal from TSLint)
typescript/no-unused-vars Disallow unused variables (no-unused-variable from TSLint) ✔️
typescript/no-use-before-define Disallow the use of variables before they are defined ✔️
typescript/no-var-requires Disallows the use of require statements except in import statements (no-var-requires from TSLint) ✔️
typescript/prefer-interface Prefer an interface declaration over a type literal (type T = { ... }) (interface-over-type-literal from TSLint) ✔️ 🔧
typescript/prefer-namespace-keyword Require the use of the namespace keyword instead of the module keyword to declare custom TypeScript modules. (no-internal-module from TSLint) ✔️ 🔧
typescript/type-annotation-spacing Require consistent spacing around type annotations (typedef-whitespace from TSLint) ✔️ 🔧