Ubiquo multimedia management system (Store and categorize media assets)
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This plugin provides a media management system for Ubiquo. Once installed, you will be able to:

* Centralize and manage all the media files from the Ubiquo Media section
Create, edit or delete new assets that will be available throughout your app

* Easily enhance your models with a media selector
Add a single line to your model definition and it will be immediately able to store assets, without migrations

* Use an AJAX asset searcher on forms
That will find assets as you type them

* Organize your assets by type or visibility
Restrict a model attribute to just some types of assets (images, videos..) and decide if the asset is public or private

Basic example

In your model, add:

  media_attachment :attrs

In your form, add:

   <%= media_selector form, :attrs %>

And that's all - now your model has a :attrs field that can store ubiquo media files, and you can fill it using the form

Detailed examples

== Add media to your models

On this example we include a _media_attachment_ attribute called _images_, with a maximum of 2 elements and accepting only images.

  class ExampleModel
          media_attachment :images, :size => 2, :types => ["image"]

Note: For convention, the attribute name should be always plural no matter if it contains a single element (_size_ option is 1). The _media_attachment_ accessor always returns an array.

_media_attachment_ creates some methods on the object which can be useful on validations:

  validates_length_of :images_ids, :minumum => 1, :message => t('should contain at least one image')

== Add media selectors to your views

In your views you only need to use the _media_selector_ helper:

  <% form_for ... do |form| %>
          <%= media_selector form, :images, :visibility => 'public' %>
  <% end %>

The visibility attribute allows you to filter which assets will be available in this selector

== Add media to your views

Get an url to your media with _url_for_media_attachment_:

  <%= link_to("a link to first image image", url_for_media_attachment(object.images.first)) %>

Copyright (c) 2009 International Product Design S.L. - gnuine (http://www.gnuine.com)