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MDLWP - A Material Design Lite WordPress Theme

MDLWP is a Material Design WordPress theme(probably the first!) that uses Sass, Gulp, Bower, and of course Material Design Lite.

Live Demo

Setup Video

MDLWP Plugins

Download free and premium plugins that add extra features and extend the functionality of MDLWP.

Future Plans

  • WordPress customizer options (v1.0.1)
  • add theme hooks (v1.1.3)
  • different page layouts (v1.1.0 - ribbon layout)
  • integrate other MDL components

Do you have an idea? PRs welcome.

For the Nerds

For customization, basic knowledge of the command line and the following dependencies are required to use MDLWP:


After you've downloaded MDLWP, and run npm install and gulp from the command line you can start using gulp.


1) Navigate to your new theme

cd /your-project/wordpress/wp-content/themes/your-new-theme

2) Gulp tasks available:

gulp - Automatically handle changes to CSS, javascript, php, and image optimization. Also Livereload!

gulp scripts - Concatenate and minify javascript files

gulp sass - Compile, prefix, and minify CSS files

gulp bower - Install bower components

gulp zip - Creates a zipped file in the root of the theme. Ignores the bower_components and node_modules directories.