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A programming language for making custom logic flow in PHP applications
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A tiny programming language for making custom logic flow in PHP applications

note: spaces are there for a reason. this language is really simple and requires spaces to split calls


Functions are defined within [square brackets].

Available functions:


a standard if block
param 1 must be a boolean (or something that returns a boolean like an operation)
must be ended with [fi]


jumps to a line specified by param 1
note: lines start at 0


will concatenate all parameters


will concatenate all parameters and print the result


will exit


get static variable from a predefined array set with addStatic

Available operators with two params:


Available operators with one param:


Operations are defined with (brackets) and either one param or two params.

Variables are always global, and can be overwritten. Variables should be set like this:

variable name = value


counter = 0

[if (counter > (10 - 3))]

	[print counter " is higher than " 7]


[if (counter < 10)]

	counter = (counter + 1)

	[jump 3]


[if (counter)]

	[print "counter is higher than " [cat "1" 0]]



[print "this message will never be printed"]

Example output:

8 is higher than 7
9 is higher than 7
10 is higher than 7
counter is higher than  10
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