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Google Cloud API based real-time speech-to-text script built on NodeJS and SocketIO. Built for Teli at The University of Hong Kong.
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Google Cloud Speech-to-Text based on NodeJS and SocketIO for Real Time Detection

This is a project based on NodeJS and SocketIO for real-time detection of speech to text. This supports all the languages in Google Cloud Speech API including Cantonese and Chinese.


  • Place the authentication file (auth.json) in the root folder (get it from Google Cloud Speech API dashboard).
  • Run npm install (again on the root folder) to install the dependencies.
  • Run node app.js, and navigate to, to run the script.

Main File Structure

  • app.js - Express based script for sever-side stuff.
  • client.js - Client-side script, handling the audio context, getting the audio buffer, converting it to a format suitable for Google Cloud API and sending it back using SocketIO.
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