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Infinity Keyboard KLL Notes

Building A .bin File

  1. Navigate to the controller /build directory
  2. Run: ../kll/path/to/infinity/

Install .bin

  1. Press the flash button on the back of the keyboard
  2. Run dfu-util -D name_of_bin.bin to flash the KB


  • Layering starts from 0. Meaning all partials begin at index 1.
  • There are three ways to change the layer of a keyboard:
    • layerLatch: shift the layer in place while held down.
    • layerLock: lock the layer in place over the current.
    • layerShift: only shift the layer for the next keypress.
  • Extra layers are set in the -DPartialMaps make flag.
  • Each layer is set using the ; delimiter
    • an example being: layer1;layer2
  • If there is a space seperating layers they get combined
    • an example being: layer1 layer1-5;layer2

60% HHKB3 Layout

  • Basically the same key structure as a HHKB.
  • Function 1 is behind the RShift.
  • Function 2 is below the LShift.
  • Function 3 is below RShift.
  • Function 4 is below Function 1.

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