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Thanks for a wonderful service: Github,
a wonderful static site engine: Nanoc,
and an unbelievably fun/amazing/enthrawling: programming language

###Hungry Academy Part 2

This is my personal blog powered by Nanoc, which is a "hip" static site generator. Nanoc was chosen for this task because it had a fairly robust and simple deployment scheme, supported HAML, SASS, Markdown, and did not require Rack/Thin(read: produces flat files), unlike Toto or Sinatra.

Within the layouts section there are three haml files: default, post, and post summary. Although I enjoy building HTML with sparkup, HAML with its' white space, indented elegance is much easier to wrestle with. In addition, I believe the change from HTML to HAML was the result of a template engine learning kick(happens often).

Nanoc uses a Routes file (located at: root) to direct the compilation of the files. There is definitely subtle bits of shiny magic here. I really enjoy the case statement over a bunch of if-else declarations. It works magic here where Nanoc is iterating over a load of files with different extensions. In addition, case is marginally quicker at compilation time.

The remainder of the project is either SASS files, of which I know how to write both styles, Js files or posts to check off the "blog" requirement. Hope you enjoyed the code-romp.