Layout files for the infinity keyboard and the KLL spec
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The Setup

Right now there really is no concrete, simple way to setup and configure an inifinity keyboard. The online configurator is broken and there is very little information in the GitHub repo when it comes to bootstrapping a simple configuration. This should help.


Before starting let's get a few things installed. This will focus on the Mac but, should be blindly obvious what needs to be done for your platform

  1. brew tap PX4/homebrew-px4
  2. brew install gcc-arm-none-eabi
  3. brew install python3

Bootstrap Guide

  1. The very first thing you will need to do is clone the controller code
  2. Cd into this new directory and navigate to the ./kll folder
  3. Clone this repo into the ./kll folder
  4. When running a build, the directory home is set to: ./kll/layouts
  5. due to this, symlink this repo's ./config folder into ./kll/layouts
  6. Change into the build folder for the controller. (./build)
  7. Run: ../kll/infinity/
  8. A new ./kiibohd.dfu.bin file will be generated in the ./build directory

Flash Config File To Keyboard

  1. Follow the directions at the end of Massdrop's Infinity build instructions
  2. The file that you will flash to the board will be the generated kiibohd.dfu.bin file.
  3. TADA

Configuring The Build Script

Mapping of the layouts can be a little weird. I have compiled the intricacies of this on my Wiki. Getting the compiled maps to work as intended is now the hardest part over actually figuring out how to program it. If for some reason these instructions don't work, feel free to open an issue and we can figure it out.