An app that demonstrates some stuff that I can do in Ruby and Rails
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###For Prospects

  • This is basically a small showcase of my abilities with Rails. It isn't complete because it was created today(Jan 16) but, it should be a good "off the cuff" exercise. Included below is a list of thoughts as I go through it
  • Things should grow as I add features along the way
  • The Thought Log is long, it is meant to be a window into how I break problems apart

###Exceptions (Things with more time I would have done)

  • Testing: I really think TDD/BDD is a much better way to build things. I enjoy Cucumber/Rspec/Capybara/FactoryGirl
  • Git usage: I don't work off master so I would be bouncing back and forth from a working copy
  • Service layer: I have been toying with this lately over the traditional: FMSC
  • HAML: I know this trips up front enders but if the app was for myself I would use it over ERB

###Thought Log

  • My environment is a big deal for me:
    • most of my code is written using Vim + Tmux in a Unix/BSD environment.
    • I try and keep a notebook as a "scratch file" for each project
  • When approaching new/old RoR apps I like to begin at the Gemfile
    • For green-field I don't tinker too much, just attempt to think ahead
    • For brown-field I use it to get a feeling for where others have been during the build process
    • Starting this one I just added some front-end sugar with compass and zurb-foundation
  • I generated a User model. Since there is no complexity here a simple rails g User name:string email:... will do
    • I know my validations so I add that in (these would be tested along with any factories)
  • Run first migration with rake db:migrate
  • I am going to have a list of users I can assign tickets to so I begin to build their Controller
  • Use the rails g controller ControllerName method syntax
  • Jump into controller and I like defining the respond_to defaults at the top then adding the respond_with(@item) to each actioncs
  • Each action block will be pretty simple (read: standard)
    • We will be responding to Js for ajax and Html, no API here
  • I enjoy the path helpers so I use them wherever possible (redirect_to call)
  • Lots of people would use a find_x private method and before_filter it into certain action blocks but I don't think abstracting instance methods makes life easier in this small app
  • Finished all controller actions, time to build corresponding views
  • For index we will do a simple list of Users with a number of active tickets
  • Since I have no tests I need to jump into a browser and see what everything looks like. Before, I will add the user route resources to routes.rb
    • Since I want the app root to be at users#index I will also add that to the routes file
  • First problem: forgot to pass the user into the user_path helper in order to get to the show action, easy fix
  • Our UsersController responds to js so lets make the delete call on the list of users remote and build a destroy.js.erb form
    • I think dom_id is easy to focus on so we will make each li in our index have a dom_id(user) so they are easily fadedout on the destroy action
  • And another error complaining about NilClass
    • Because I have no tests I jump back into the controller and make sure show looks correct
    • Then I head to the console to make sure the exact code responds there
    • My hands created an extra def in the method declaration, easily fixed/found
  • The respond_with block in destroy should take and return nothing
  • Hmm, the fading out doesn't work...must be an issue with dom_id stuff. The record is deleted but the jQuery fadeOut effect isn't applied to the li element
    • Since I believe it to be a dom problem, time to open Chrome Inspector
    • Chrome says there is an issue with jQuery but I don't believe it. But rails is deleting the object so it is definitely a Js issue. Moving on for now, will fix this soon
  • We will be adding users through Ajax so I need the form to hide on load until the New User link is clicked + I need to actually build the form using partials
  • Finishing the html portion of create/new, realized I used a weird variable in a flash message, easily fixed
  • Create redirect failed to work because of multiple redirect calls, easy fix when dealing solely with html
  • Js delete is working now, there was a problem with the jQuery selector in destroy.js.erb
  • scope for recent added to user model to keep the recent contacts at the top of the list
  • Now that the shell of the users are done, we are going to need to build the tickets that can be assigned to users
  • I created the ticket model much like the user however, forgot to send the references:user_id so will have to either manually add it to the migration or create another migration
  • Now we have an index AND a 2nd table we can use rails has_many to connect the tables through their respective model
  • urgency is a range from 1..10 so lets make sure it validates as so along with being a number in general
  • next stop ticket controllers, but first lets add tickets to routes as a subroute to users to get some welcome route helpers
  • This controller should be sparse, we want to create tickets and that is it for now (form + new/create)
  • form created, links and ticket counts showing on Users page along with a link to add a ticket to the specific user, controller time
  • So form done, need to create the new action along with create to build a new ticket for a user. I will show each ticket that is assigned to a person in the show person section
  • On some of the above sections, due to time constraints, I jumped around a lot and through extra code in. Now I am doing as little code as possible per idea
  • Another problem has popped up, seems like the form for the new tickets model is named correctly, figuring out harder routing errors
    • Fixed, didn't pass user instance var into form, little syntax slip
  • Everything works, all ticket counts on user's page is updated correctly as well
  • Next up we need to see a list of open tickets on the user's show page
    • This can be as easy as an instance var in the controller. Short, one liner
    • Fiddled with column floats in the list of tickets for each user, also added another link to add a tag to the selected user
  • Since tickets are something big than lets create a mailer that fires with something nice, printing the ticket description and urgency
    • However, flooding people with tickets is no good, so if the urgency is above 7 lets send them the mailer on create
    • Mailers are pretty easy, make a new method that takes a few arguments, create some instance vars, call
    • For the views, we need to add the name of the mailer to the views list. For this, it will just be a txt mailer
    • Since there is a little logic built into this, lets make the mailer call from a private method
  • Back a few bullit points ago I auto hid the tickets while looking at a user; however, I was doing it on a click handler and it wouldn't work
    • I am just going to toggle the class now and "spice up" the user page a bit
    • I will add a hidden class to the users's scss file and make a simple hidden class that, when active the display = none
      • In the comment above I wrote the correct css however, in the file I didn't and it took me to searching Mozilla DN to find my css issue
      • However, I knew it was an issue with the css due to the fact that I could see the class toggling in the Chrome Dev Tools
    • For the remainder of this little experiment I am going to focus on attempting to wire backbone up to add, keep track of, and maybe view/delete tickets on the user#show page
      • There is quite a lot of Rails that I have left out, authentication specifically. However, I feel many of these "features" are best served with a gem and explaining that is boring

###Backbone.js attempt log

  • Gem to help us lay the base? Yep, wired up through gemfile
    • Currently there are a couple of options in this area, I went with backbone-on-rails gem due to the documentation + I like its' simplicity
  • Following along with the gem, file added and generators run to get us up and going
  • The focus of backbone will be on the tickets. I already attempted to add some UX functionality but will complete it with backbone.
  • This will mean that none of my ticket models will respond to html
    • To fix this I will rip out the estraneous stuff in the controller, make a respond_to block and just respond_with json for needed actions
  • For the mailer, I haven't done much with it so I will keep the code there, for now, it won't do anything
  • With this gem there is a simple scaffold generator that will be used to get us up and running with our tickets
  • My mind tends to center around controllers in Rails so I automattically start fiddling with Backbone routers
    • I know that the tickets needs to be available under /users/:id so their will be one route to there for our router
  • Next stop views, we need to tell the collection where to get the list of json items which will just be the a GET request to /tickets
  • With no tests, the best way to see if this url is working, we can fire open Chrome and use a plugin for Json or app like rested or postman
  • Problem found, no route defined. Well that would make sense since we nested the tickets under our users. For now lets change this to /users/:id/tickets
  • Ok, so now when we nav to users/:id/tickets we get some json, just what we need
  • To make my life seamingly easy, I will grab all the tickets by creating a scoped route entitled api in the rails app
  • This forces me to sort the tickets before pushing them to the view by their appropriate owner which should be in the url
  • For now let's add the correct url to the collection and jump back into the router to make an instance of the collection and fetch all the records
  • In the router we need to fill in the index by competing the function.
    • This function will create a new instance of the view with the collection and render it to the html
    • Since the tag default in backbone is div, we are making a list so lets change it in the view to li
  • While we are in the view, lets write the initialize to listen on the reset action and the render to render the collection
  • Before there was a toggle ticket button, this will be ripped out because backbone isn't showing the tickets...yet
    • In this case, I will go through the Chrome Web Inspector to troubleshoot
    • Still not showing the list of tickets, presumed a route error for now but attempted with both a splat and a :