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Triad NC Startups

We know things are fairly spartan over there at the moment but, we are working to grow a community of hard working and hard playing entrepreneurs to share ideas and build companies to benefit the Triad.

Any idea is a good idea so if you feel kind and want to help out, feel free to jump to the contributor section

Be A Contributor

Ok, this is Github! Welcome if you have never been. Like the technology that powers our Triad Startup website, Github is built on open source technology powered by the community. Since we love community (who doesn't right?), here is your chance to be a part of it!

  1. Make sure you have an account with Github (it's free)
  2. Fork our Repo by clicking on the fork button in the upper right of the browser
  3. Sweet! You know have your own Triad Startups site, ciao.
  4. But Wait! Before you run off and reuse our awesome code...just one thing.
  5. Make some changes to your version that you would like to see at triadstartups.com
  6. Click on the pull request button in the upper right corner of this page
  7. We will check it out, integrate it and give you major props!


Have some ideas for what we should be doing at Triad Startups NC? Maybe a meeting of the minds or perhaps a Tequilla code bender where whatever is created must be a "viable" product? Who knows? Suggest it and we will make it happen. Fork, fill in, pull and you are golen.

Short Term Goals

Mid Term Goals

Future Ideas

To Run Triad Startups on Your Computer (Not required)