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This project is the Braiins Open-Source Initiative. It currently provides the software components listed below.


Meta project that is able to assemble full (mining) firmware images from various components.


Stratum protocol implementation including V1 and V2 in Rust programming language. Additionally, there is a stratum protocol simulator written in Python available sim subdirectory.


Stratum proxy written in Rust that allows translation between protocol versions.


The bOSminer suite is a Bitcoin mining software written in Rust programming language.

How to build individual components

Eventhough, each component has its own self-contained README. This section provides common instructions to setup all environments.

Rust applications/libraries

These software components require the toolchain installed e.g. via rustup

Building with Debugging symbols

cargo build

Building release version

cargo build --release

Python applications

The easiest way to run any python application is to use virtualenvwrapper.

The virtualenvwrapper

apt install virtualenvwrapper
source /usr/share/virtualenvwrapper/


All contributions should follow code of conduct.

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