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This proxy demonstrates 1:1 translation of Stratum V2 protocol to Stratum V1. It listens for downstream Stratum V2 connections and translates the protocol to upstream Stratum V1 node.



  • Rust toolchain installed via rustup

Building it

cargo build --release

Running the proxy via cargo

This command builds the proxy, too:

cargo run --release -- --listen --remote

Running it directly

./target/release/ii-stratum-proxy --listen --remote

Future Work

Below is a high level list of areas that still need to be resolved:

  • handle multiple channels on a single downstream connection
  • use V2 submission sequence numbers for batch acknowledgement of valid job solutions
  • improve logging
  • fix application shutdown - proxy refuses to shutdown if there any pending connections and has to be killed
  • resolve all TODO's in the sources