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Python library for semi-automated checking of Web accessibility.
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WAchecker is a Python library serving for automated testing of Web

* Installation

WAchecker requires the following software for its installation and operation:

- Python 2.3 or higher.

- Python distutils.  They are part of Python distribution, but some operating
  system distributions deliver them in a separate package.

- Yappy, a parser generator for Python, available at or in your operating system distribution.

After you have WAchecker downloaded and all the required software installed,
you can perform installation in the following steps:

- Unpack WAchecker distribution and switch to its top level directory.

- Edit `' file to your needs.  You may want to change especially the
  `cache_directory' and `test_directories' variables.

- Run `./ install'.

* Documentation

You can find further information about WAchecker in its manual.  WAchecker
manual is in the doc/ subdirectory.  You can build its Info, PDF and HTML
versions by running `make info', `make pdf' and `make html' commands
respectively in the doc/ subdirectory.
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