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Web application helping to manage public WAassistant servers.


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WAusers is one component of the WAhelper Web accessibility testing suite (see  WAusers serves for managing Web
accessibility testing sites where users can register, create their own Web
accessibility testing projects and log to all the projects using a single
global password.

Web accessibility testing itself is performed using the WAassistant Web
application from the WAhelper suite.  WAusers is a supplementary Web
application managing WAassistant applications.  Both WAusers and WAassistant
are built on top of the Roundup issue tracking system and their user interfaces
are similar.

* Installation

The following pieces of software are required to run WAusers:

- Roundup 0.8: A flexible issue tracking system available at .

- WAassistant 0.3 or newer: Web accessibility testing management application
  available at .

After installing the required software, unpack the downloaded WAusers
tarball and copy it to the Roundup trackers directory
(e.g. /var/lib/roundup/trackers/ on Debian systems).  Then follow Roundup
tracker installation instructions to install a WAuser tracker.  In order to be
able to create new projects, a WAassistant tracker template must be available
in one of the standard Roundup tracker directories or in the same directory
where the WAusers tracker is created.

* Documentation

You can find further information about WAusers in its manual.  WAusers manual
is in the doc/ subdirectory.  You can build its Info, PDF and HTML versions by
running `make info', `make pdf' and `make html' commands respectively in the
doc/ subdirectory.