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Note: Braille Utils has been split up into smaller repos (see This repo is only retained for archival purposes. For more information, see issue #67.

Braille Utils

Communicating with embossers has never been easier!


BrailleUtils provides a cross platform Java API for embossing and converting braille in PEF-format. Conversion to and from commonly used "braille" text formats is also supported.

The main purpose of Braille Utils is as part of other software, but it comes with a command line user interface for easy access.

Main Features

  • Emboss PEF-files
  • Validate PEF-files
  • Convert to/from PEF
  • Split/merge PEF-files

Supported Embossers

The package currently supports a majority of available embossers, including popular Index and Braillo embossers. Note that some embossers are untested, because they are unavailable to us.

About PEF

PEF is an emerging file format for representing braille books accurately and unambiguously in digital form. Using PEF ensures that the contents of the file is embossed correctly. No braille knowledge is ever required from the operator.

PEF has been been awarded with the Braille21 Award.