Provides a CLI for formatting documents into braille or fixed-width plain text as well as embossing and managing PEF-files
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Build Status Type License: LGPL v2.1


Dotify Braille Translation System is an open source Braille formatter and translator written in Java. It also supports embossing and managing braille in PEF-format, including converting to and from other "braille" text formats. Dotify is designed for collaborative, open source braille software development.

Main Features

  • Translates and formats braille
  • Emboss a PEF-file
  • Validate a PEF-file
  • Search meta data in collection of PEF-files
  • Convert from text to a PEF-file
  • Convert from a PEF-file to text
  • Split a PEF-file into one file per volume
  • Merge several PEF-files into one

Dotify supports a range of embossers, including popular Index and Braillo embossers. Note however that several embossers are untested, due to lack of access and/or time.

Translator/Formatter Performance

Less than 10 seconds/book or over 70 braille pages/second (based on a selection of novels) utilizing a single core of a modern PC and including startup activites. Startup activites account for up to 4 seconds of the total processing time in this example. The performance is thus even better when running in a server environment (e.g. as part of a Daisy Pipeline 2 installation), since the startup activites rarely have to be repeated.

Performance could be improved further by utilizing more than one core.


Formatting with hyphenation is supported for over 50 languages. Unfortunately, only Swedish braille is supported. However, depending on your requirements, it may be quite simple to add support for another locale.


Download the latest release and unpack it. For more information, see the user guide in the docs folder.


Build with gradlew build (Windows) or ./gradlew build (Mac/Linux)


Tests are run with gradlew test (Windows) or ./gradlew test (Mac/Linux)

Requirements & Compatibility

  • Requires Java 8
  • Compatible with SPI

More information

See the common wiki for more information.