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[Table of Contents](

# 3.2.0
## New in this version
- User interface
- Improves "translate" command options
- Includes java runtime version in "version" command
- Translators
- Adds Liblouis translators for the following locales: af, ar, as, awa, bn, bra, ca, chr, ckb, cs, cy, da, de, de-CH, el, en, en-GB, en-US, eo, es, fa, fi, fr, ga, gez, gu, haw, hi, hr, hu, iu, kha, kn, ko, lt, lv, mi, ml, mn, mni, mr, ne, nl, nl-BE, no, or, pa, pl, pt, ru, sa sd, sk, sl, sr, ta, te and vi.
- Supports locale 'sv'
- Adds localized name and description to the Swedish braille translators and filters
- Embossing
- Fixes a problem with page ranges on Index V4 and V5 embossers
- Layout
- Supports staircase tables in html (fixes brailleapps/dotify.task.impl#8)
- Formatting
- Fixes a problem where a page could become too long
- Supports BreakBefore.SHEET (fixes brailleapps/dotify.formatter.impl#53, closes brailleapps/dotify.formatter.impl#54)
- Supports flow into header/footer (fixes brailleapps/dotify.formatter.impl#63)
- Enhances volume-transition
- Fixes marker-reference issue (fixes brailleapps/dotify.formatter.impl#39, closes brailleapps/dotify.formatter.impl#94)
- Misc
- Makes plugins directory independent of current directory (fixes #9)
- Updates documentation
- Adds license information

# 3.1.0
## New in this version
- Adds a volume transition feature

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