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Brian's Pentesting and Technical Tips for You

I just want go get started!

Sure thing. The easiest way to read BPATTY is probably in wiki form which you can view by going to

I've tried to lay this out in some sort of hierarchy that at least makes a little least to me :-/. So dive into a folder that looks interesting and topics should get more granular the deeper you go.

OK I'm slightly intrigued and/or confused. What exactly is this?

B.P.A.T.T.Y. (Brian's Pentesting and Technical Tips for You) is my collection of tips, tricks and scripts that I used to save in OneNote, Evernote, Notepad, Stickies, Notepad++, Dropbox Paper...deep breath...Leafpad, Post-it notes, etc. I made a big effort last year to throw all this crud in one place on my blog but realized that for people (especially me) to actually use it, a github repository makes more sense. So here we are!

What are the pre-requisites?

  • Patience (required) - I'm writing a lot of this stuff fast and then smoothing it out later, so I may have broken links and errors sometimes. If you see something needing correction, please say something.

  • A Markdown viewer/editor (optional) because I wrote most of this in MacDown. This site lists some options if you need ideas.

Wait, wait! There are already way, way, WAY better documents, tools and collections like this out there!

My response (substitute "microphone" for "documentation project") is this.

How often does BPATTY get updated?

In my dream situation: every 1-2 weeks. In reality: as often as I can make time.

Who are you?

Hi, I'm Brian and since 2014 I've published a podcast about information security at 7 Minute Security. I also do security assessments, pentesting and training at 7 Minute Security, LLC.

I want to electronically punch you in the neck, or talk more about security!

Head to the 7MS Slack channel and punch away!

I like what you're doing with this whole 7 Minute Security thing. How can I support these efforts?

Thanks! Please consider using 7 Minute Security, LLC for your assessment, pentesting and/or training needs!