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This is just about teaching the internet how to drink. Check Out The Demo

(tech spec I guess)

example usage!! \o/

// init boozy object, brah!
var bb = new BoozyBrowser();
// choose a string to set booziness, default will be sober
// NOTE: re-setting booziness will trigger a start/stop for all 
//       boozy functions
bb.setBooziness("sober | buzzed | drunk | wooo | blackout");
// pass in an array (or single string if you're just doin one)
// defaults to all
bb.setBoozyTypes(["lean", "focus", "keys", "buttons"]);
// alternatively you can remove boozy types from the array after the fact 
// NOTE: removing boozy type will stop that functions boozy shenanigans 
// (double NOTE: only for lean and focus for some reason :/)
bb.removeBoozyTypes(["lean", "focus", "keys", "buttons"]);
// set selectors and whether they should be additive or just replace, 
// below are the current default selectors
    "keys": "textarea, input, [role='input'], [role='textarea']",   
    "buttons": ".button, button, .btn, [role='button']",
    "lean": "body",
    "focus": "body",
    "replace": false | true // optional: replace current selectors, defautlts to false
// start all boozy functions
// stop all boozy functions
// or start/stop individual functions

known issues (prolly more to come)

  • the keys function doesn't work in fake text boxes like seen on twitter, need to come up with a smart way to handle both normal and abnormal text input types
  • stopping is broken with buttons and keys for some reason :(