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Sporks, the backchatting, learning, scriptable discord bot

This github project contains the source code for Sporks, the learning, scriptable Discord chat bot, written in C++ using the D++ library. Remember you can still find my original perl/botnix version of Sporks on IRC at!

Project and System status

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Service Status

Listing Badges

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Supported Platforms

Currently only Linux is supported, but other UNIX-style platforms should build and run the bot fine. I build the bot under Debian Linux.



mkdir build
cmake ..
make -j8

Replace the number after -j with a number suitable for your setup, usually the same as the number of cores on your machine.


You should have a database configured with the mysql schemas from the mysql-schemas directory. use mysqlimport to import this.


Edit the config-example.json file and save it as config.json. The configuration variables in the file should be self explainatory.


cd my-bot-dir
./ will restart the bot executable continually if it dies.

Command line parameters

./bot [--dev|--test] [--members]
Argument Meaning
--dev Run using the development token in the config file. Mutually exclusive with --test
--test Run using the live token in the config file, but squelch all outbound messages unless they originate from the test server (also defined in the config file)
--members Send a GUILD_MEMBERS intent when identifying to the discord gateway