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Windows Jenkins Slave (WJS)

This docker image provides a Microsoft Windows based Jenkins build slave. You may use it for development purpose as well as for production environments.

Operating WJS

In order to ease operating WJS a docker-compose file is provided. If you never started the docker-compose.yml you first need to create the environment.

Within a terminal type:

docker-compose up --no-start

If the environment was created you can start it using the command:

docker-compose start

In order to stop the environment perform the following command:

docker-compose stop

If want to stop and start the environment again just type

docker-compose restart

If you want to remove the environment e.g. if you want to entirely create it again execute

docker-compose down


If you just run docker-compose.yml you will have a working Jenkins Slave environment.

In order to ease configuring the environment variables where introduced which are provided within the .env file. docker-compose reads this file and passes the environment variables to the docker-compose.yml in order for variable substitution.


Specifies the release number of the brainchild WJS image. In order to determine the versions available refer to Docker brainchild/wjs.

Note: The latest version uses the keyword latest as the release number.


This variable specifies the URL of the master Jenkins server.


This optional variable specifies the user to be used for logging into the master Jenkins server.


This optional variable specifies the password to be used for logging into the master Jenkins server.


This variable specifies the TCP port on the host to access the Jenkins server.

Building the brainchild WJS image

Building the image is quite easy. The Dockerfile was implemented to be independent from the Microsoft Windows and Java version to be used. Those versions have default values but can be overridden using build arguments:

docker build -t brainchild/wjs:10.10.0 --build-arg OS_VERSION=ltsc2016 --build-arg JAVA_VERSION=10 .

Note: The Oracle JDK to be used need to be downloaded first and placed into the folder of the Docker file.


This mandatory variable specifies the operating system version to be used.

Note: Only the name of the particular version must be used. (see: Microsoft Windows docker images).


The version of Java to be used. The version must conform to the one encoded within the Oracle JDK installer file name.


# Example using Java 10.

Useful docker commands

If you want to remove all docker containers perform the following command:

# Delete all containers
docker rm $(docker ps -a -q)

If you want to remove all docker images perform the following command:

# Delete all images
docker rmi $(docker images -q)