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SublimeText syntax highlighting for HTTP response #6

johnjohndoe opened this Issue Jan 19, 2013 · 1 comment

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I wonder if we could have syntax highlighting for the HTTP response. One option would be to add an individual file extension (current is .html) and then configure the application to remember the associated color scheme.
On the other hand DetectSyntax allows to configure syntax schemes for files without extension. You can modify the DetectSyntax.sublime-settings file to do this.

Also it would be nice if a JSON response would be formatted human readable.


Hi. I will update on monday with the file type set from the content-type response header. I will not use 3rd party plugins as i want to leave it to the users to use and extra plugins they see fit.
For json formatting you can use , i will make the response writable so you can just select the text and apply PrettyJSON.

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