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Better Battlelog - Worldwide Leading Battlelog Browser Addon (It will ever be)

All good things come to an end. So does BBLog. This repository hold legacy code, website data, forums and some other nostalgia stuff.

Update July 2022

Chrome Store have updated extension rules and the old source code of the extension is no longer compliant with this rules. There will be no update from our side, so installing the extension from chrome web store is now impossible.

But there is a workaround. You can use and install it with this method here #7

How to install on firefox

There is also a latest firefox version that should work in https version of battlelog. Download bblog.xpi. Goto firefox -> addons -> drop the XPI file into that window or goto the gear symbol and load extension from file

Contribute to BBLog

Nope. There is nothing to contribute to anymore. You should've came sometime between December 2011 and May 2018 :)

All versions

Head to directory versions for all ever released versions. I definetely do not recommend to take out any code reference from this, it's older than what is good for you.

Visit our last, once and for all, website

(Half true, see forums bellow) - To check out what this state of the art community have done in the 6 1/2 years of active action -> Great people deserve great respect

Visit legacy read only forums

All things what we ever have talked about are still here. Check this out -> Forums for the one's who know what great times we had, and for sure, all the others.

Plugins / Themes

Most plugins and themes have been developed by the community. The code for this is also in this repository and is still functioning for the extension. If you are a former plugin/theme developer and you want to remove your code from this repository, just contact me via Issues Tracker or fork, remove and do a pull request.


You can use the Issues Tracker to ask me something about the past, the present and the future.

After party support

This project took hundreds of hours of hard work and the project is already closed. But if you want to show some after party love, you can sponsor some virtual coffee/redbull, i will appriciate it. You can do this on Patreon or via PayPal. But DO NOT forget the community behind this project. Most of them also invested much time and work. If you was an community helper and you want your support link here as well, than contact me.

King regards, Roland Eigelsreiter aka Brain Foo Long


Better Battlelog legacy code and legacy website. It was fun :)







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