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# Hashlib
*Is a FAST nodejs( library for making hashes written in C/C++*
-*Supports: md4, md5, md6, sha, sha1, sha256, sha512*, also can make md5 hash of files
+*Supports: md4, md5, md6, sha, sha1, sha256, sha512, hmac_sha1, hmac_md5*, also can make md5 hash of files
*Thangs to Vanilla Hsu for speed improvements and md4, sha support*
@@ -33,6 +33,8 @@ You should use `var hashlib = require("hashlib");` (from any path)
sha512(str); // Returns sha512 hash from sting
md6(str[, length]); // Returns md6 hash from sting, second parametr is optional
md5_file(path[, callback]); // Returns md5 hash from file callback is optional and works async
+ hmac_sha1(str, key) // Returns hmac sha1 hash with an key
+ hmac_md5(str, key) // Returns hmac md5 hash with an key
## Usage:
var hashlib = require('hashlib');

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