Arduino sensor platform using usb-midi communication
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Arduino sketch to read in sensor values from Vernier probes and relay data to a host computer or device (iOS) using usb-midi

Currently tested with arduino-0023, UNO board, usbtiny programmer and iPad.


  • clone repository
  • download HIDUINO firmware []
  • from HIDUINO copy Compiled Firmwares/HIDUINO_MIDI.hex to 8u2_firmware/
  • from Arduino IDE copy hardware/arduino/firmwares/UNO-dfu_and_usbserial_combined.hex to 8u2_firmware/
  • open vernier_midi.pde in Arduino IDE
  • compile and upload vernier_midi.pde to Arduino UNO
  • disconnect UNO
  • connect usbtiny programmer to 8u2 ICSP headers
  • run 8u2_firmware/
  • disconnect usbtiny
  • attach Arduino UNO to computer with usb cable (or iPad with usb cable and camera connector)
  • watch for midi events!

To reprogram the Arduino UNO after following the previous instructions you will need to reflash the 8u2 serial firmware by running 8u2_firmware/


Some brief details on the system at the moment:

  1. sensor values are reported over usb-midi as pitch-bend events (so we can at least get the full 10 bits from the arduino a2d)
  2. connecting or disconnecting an auto-id sensor triggers the arduino to send a CC command with the new sensor ID
  3. a change in sensor value is only reported if it exceeds a certain threshold (so the midi bus is not flooded), this threshold can be controlled by sending the arduino a CC command
  4. if a non-auto-id sensor is connected it will NOT cause the arduino to start sending sensor data, instead a CC command must be sent from the host to the arduino to tell the arduino to enable that sensor