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OG 2019 - Project 01: Virtual reality to improve brain lesions drawing
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OG 2019 - Project 01: Virtual reality to improve brain lesions drawing

Getting Started

This project was developed under Unity 3D version 2018.3.12f1.


DICOM data are not provided. Use your own. Put your DICOM data in Assets/_Ressources/ Set-up the configuration file (Assets/_Ressources/config.txt) to load your data. This should be change before starting the application in Unity editor. The configuration file format is :

  • 1st line -> subfolder name of Assets/_Ressources/where to find DICOM data
  • 2nd line -> DICOM_WINDOW_WIDTH
  • 3rd line -> DICOM_WINDOW_CENTER

You can then start the application in Unity editor (some path should be changed in _DicomManager.cs script for a builded version)


To have acces to commands, first select Mode/Markers with your right controller, on the left controller interface that appears when looking at your left hand when orthogonal to your view. If not understandable, just move your left controller in all directions until you see the interface. Selection is done by clicking on the desired menu with the ball located at the extremity of the right controller. Once Mode/Markers is selected, commands are :

On Left controller :

  • PrimaryTrigger -> switch view between 'only transparent' and 'transparent + slices'
  • Button X pressed -> move the slices on all 3 axis
  • Orient left controller in a direction + click on Thumbstik -> slice will move by 1 unit in controller direction

On Right controller :

  • Button A -> place marker
  • Button B -> remove selected marker

Issue : There is actually an offset of 1/2 unit when trying to remove a cube. Just move your pointer around the desired cube to delete it if you don't manage to remove it while pointer is inside.


This project is licensed under the GNU General Public License v3.0 - see the LICENSE file for details. Some external assets were used and modified. Original project licences applies on these assets and rights remains to their developers. See section Aknowledgements for more informations.


Click on names to have further information about original projects, developpers, and related licences.

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