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This is a fork of the SynergyKM project, available at: http://sourceforge.net/projects/synergykm

There were compatibility issues on OSX 10.7, the original author seems to have vanished, and the source for the latest release (1.0-beta7) was unavailable, so this is based off of the 1.0-beta6 release.

I pulled in some high resolution icons and art from the 1.0-beta7 package.

Some things might still be broken, I'll get around to fixing them when I can (and I'll gladly accept pull requests!)

Build notes:

* the source comes with an untouched copy of synergy-1.4.8. The source is symlinked into Components/synergy.
* synergy should be built first before building SynergyKM:

    cd Components/synergy
    cmake .

Then you can build SynergyKM using your flavor of Xcode