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Brainlife Documentation

This repository contains the content of Brainlife Doc. Test instance is available at


Project Director

Funding Acknowledgement is publicly funded and for the sustainability of the project it is helpful to Acknowledge the use of the platform. We kindly ask that you acknowledge the funding below in your publications and code reusing this code.

NSF-BCS-1734853 NSF-BCS-1636893 NSF-ACI-1916518 NSF-IIS-1912270 NIH-NIBIB-R01EB029272


We kindly ask that you cite the following articles when publishing papers and code using this code.

  1. Avesani, P., McPherson, B., Hayashi, S. et al. The open diffusion data derivatives, brain data upcycling via integrated publishing of derivatives and reproducible open cloud services. Sci Data 6, 69 (2019).

MIT Copyright (c) 2020 The University of Texas at Austin and Indiana University

Installation intructions

sudo apt install pip
echo "export PATH=\$PATH:~/.local/bin/ >> ~/.bashrc"
npm run install