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  1. style-guide

    🎨 Brainly Front-End Style Guide

    JavaScript 106 16

  2. ui-components

    💄 Library of UI components

    HTML 71 9

  3. nodejs-onesky-utils

    Node.js utils for working with OneSky translation service.

    JavaScript 20 14

  4. html-sketchapp

    HTML to Sketch export solution

    JavaScript 1.2k 66

  5. hive

    Hive is a scalable Comet/PUSH application server written in Erlang that allows you to create or integrate various Comet services into your WebApps. It supports lot’s of plugins and can easily commu…

    Erlang 18 7

  6. olowek

    📝 Nginx auto configuration and service discovery for Marathon

    Go 9 1

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