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Brainly Style Guide

This project is a living style guide of all basic front-end components used at Brainly.


Documentation is an esential part of this project. You can see its latest version on New version of the docs is deployed with every merge to master. You can also browse older versions by changing version number in the URL. Documentation is splitted into four sections:

  • Basics - colors, fonts, icons, simple components
  • Components - complex components
  • Containers - components that host other components
  • Interactive - interactive version of the style guide docs that we are experimenting with


Current version of storybook is hosted under following dev URL -

How to use it

All components can be used in both HTML and JSX. In both cases you have to include main CSS file, as described on the main docs page, in the head section of your page. In case of HTML, you just have to follow style-guide markup which you can easily copy by clicking on any component in the docs. If you prefer to use React instead, you'll have to add this repository as a dependency in package.json and import components into your JSX file.

Supported Browsers

We officially support the following browsers (based on real user trafic from our analytics):

Browser Versions
Google Chrome 28+
Safari 7+
Samsung Internet 1.1+
YaBrowser 15+
Android Webview 30+
Firefox 42+
UCBrowser 8+
Android Browser 4.0+
Opera 33+
Opera Mini 7+
Edge 12+

Note: You can find all recent stats in our analytics (INTERNAL)


We welcome all issue reports and pull requests ❤️ If you'd like to contribute, please start with this doc.


  • Package "s3" has been forked to @brainly organization. One of dependencies of this package (graceful-fs) was causing our builds to fail. Since this package is no longer maintained, we decided to fork it and make needed updates. As a long-term solution, we need to switch "s3" package to something more up-to-date.


We created a CLI tool that runs codemods with jscodeshift to batch refactor code. Usage:

yarn sg-codemod [...options]

where options are:

  • --help - display help
  • --dry - dry run (no changes are made to files)
  • --glob - use glob pattern to match files
  • --jscodeshift - pass options directly to jscodeshift

Read more here.