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Oct 17, 2018
version 1.5 build 180928

@Sangma Sangma released this Nov 27, 2016

DiffusionKit v1.4 Released!

  • Add Function: Split seed voxel into 8 sub-voxel in DTI and HARDI fibertracking.
  • Fix Bug: bnfiber_end and bnnetwork
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@liangfu liangfu released this Jun 19, 2016

Merge branch 'master' of
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@liangfu liangfu released this Mar 10, 2016

This release features a bash script for brain network construction and a few compatibility improvements.


  • bnSH2Direction: to compute the main directions (up to 4) of the ODF/FOD/EAP
  • bnnetwork: to construct the anatomical network (ROI pairwise) track of the brain and the given ROI list
  • Adopt the fiber tract format of TrackVis, and enrich some keyword section
  • GUI: Add the function for saving snapshot by right-button menu on the 3D show panel
  • GUI: Overlay the bnSH2Direction results on the 3D ODF/FOD/EAP show


  • Unified function name format, including bnfiber_prune
  • GUI: Resolved the unexpected break error after click the X of the right-up corner in GUI
  • GUI: Resolved the residual memory after removing the data by click the corresponding trash

See for more details.

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