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JSON-RPC over WebSockets
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JSON-RPC over WebSockets

This is an implementation of JSON-RPC 1.0 over WebSockets.

The server is implemented in Python, using the Eventlet networking library.

The client is ECMAScript (JavaScript), and runs in the latest browsers supporting WebSockets.

Project Status

The project is in alpha state. It is functionally complete, but is yet to be tested extensively.


The server needs the Eventlet python networking library. to install it on debian-based systems, do sudo apt-get install python-eventlet.


To create a service, subclass JsonRpcWsService and decorate it with @eventlet.websocket.WebSocketWSGI.

Any methods defined in the inner class local can be called remotely. They receive the service instance as the first argument.

You can override the event handlers oninit() and onclose() for additional functionality.

The id of the current request is available through service._id . If this value is not None, the method has to return a (result, error) tuple.

The Eventlet WebSocket object is available through .

To send messages, use notify(self, method, params) and request(self, method, params, callback=None). The callback gets two arguments: result and error. To explicitly send a response, use respond(self, id, result, error).

You can also close() the socket.


class MyService(jsonrpcws.JsonRpcWsService):
    class local: # the methods in this class can be called remotely
        def hello(service, name):
            print "got hello from", name
            if self._id: # if this is a request, not a notification
                return ( ["hi, "+name], None) # return a (response, error) tuple
    def oninit(self):
        self.nofify("hi",["the server"])

To run it, pass the class (not an instance) to eventlet.wsgi.server. A new instance will be created for every incoming WebSocket connection.

eventlet.wsgi.server(eventlet.listen(('', 8888)), MyService)


To create a service, instantiate JsonRpcWsService. The client API is almost identical to the server. Methods defined in the local object will be remotely callable. The service instance is available through this.

notify, request, respond, close, oninit and onclose are similarly available.

The WebSocket instance is available through .


var service_def = {
        hi: function(who){
            alert("got hi from "+who)
    onopen: function(){
        this.notify("hello", ["the client"])
var service = new JsonRpcWsService("ws://localhost:8888/",service_def)
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